My Goals

My goals are the reason why I can hang on until now. They are the reasons why I am surviving, and the reasons why I am working so hard currently
My goals are common, yet difficult to be achieve
I want to score well for my exams and achieve a good diploma in Business Administration.
I want to be a good presenter, a person who is able to speak well and communicate well with people, especially clients, colleagues and bosses.
I want to be a successful business woman, a very successful one.
I want to earn a lot of money and bring my mother, grandmother and sister to different countries and have fun. I want to support them to thank them for their upbringing and I want them to enjoy their life.
I want to be a part time model too. Being model is always what I wanted to do. Even though I am short, I still didn’t give up the thought of becoming a part time model. It help me to gain confidence and not only that, it is an experience that would stay with me forever.
I want to learn different languages, especially Spanish, German and French. I think that by being Multilingual, it will definitely benefit me when I enter the workplace.
There are a lot of goals that I want to achieve. And the above are just the most important ones.
I love my family and I would do my best to become a successful business woman. I would never give up no matter what obstacles I faced. I hope I will stay strong and brave. Hugs<3

Staying Positive

Based on my character, I know that you will think that I am a weird person. ^^
But no matter what, there is always a part of me that stay positive, telling me that I should be myself and accept who I really am. It stops me from doing something silly or something that I will regret.
For years, I am trying to stay positive, trying to gain confidence. I do everything in my very best and focus a lot on my studies. I know that by studying hard I can score the grades that I want and my mother would be proud of me too.
I know that nothing would change the way I look. So I accept who I am.
I think that I am fortunate enough to be born as what I am, to be raise by my loving family.
Therefore, I do not really care about how people look at me or comment on my look/appearance anymore. This actually helps me to be comfortable in my own skin.
I know that it is difficult to accept who I really am completely, without envying models, actress or singers’ looks. Living in a society where everyone likes to be pretty and skinny, it is pressurising.
However, I told myself that being average in weight makes me looks healthy and I am trying to keep a healthy diet instead of skipping meals to lose weight.
Being skinny makes you look HOT, but it doesn’t make you HAPPY! So I chose to stay happy. ^^
I always believe that everyone; regardless of their gender, religion, social status, age, race and nationality should be treated equally. Sometimes when you look down a person, or bully them, stand in their shoes, and you will know how pain their heart is and how bad their confidence and feeling have been hurt
I object all these unfair treatment and i really hope that there is harmony and peace in the world. :)

My Character

I am a shy and quiet person, who always gets nervous when someone i don't know speaks to me, hehe :)
I am timid and anti-social. Always feel scare to meet new friends or people. I do not have many friends. But at least I know that they are true to me
I am not comfortable with being myself, even though I know that by being myself, I would tend to be happier
I may be strong in the surface, but deep inside, I am weak and broken
I tend to think too much and it often makes me confuse and stress
I do not express my feelings to anyone. But, sometimes when I need to talk to someone about my thoughts and feelings, I can't find any who is willing to listen to me for hours
I feel lonely; feel that there is no place that I belong to.
I feel sad and depress easily whenever people compared me with others, whenever they look down on me or when they use harsh term on me.
I hate saying goodbye; it makes me feel that I would never see that person anymore
I hate losing friendship. Friends are the second most important people in my life. Of course, the most important people would be my family
I have low self-confidence and self-esteem. Maybe because I have been bully and laugh by classmate when I am in school
I am not perfect.

More About Me

Hihi I'm weiting from Singapore. 13 December is my birthday:)
I'm not any typical teenager that you meet everywhere.
Living in Singapore, 18 this year and i am still living in my dreamland.
Oopps! Haha^^
I believe in Fairytales and that one day, i will be able to meet my prince and marry him and we were live happily ever after:)
I love immortals stories especially the series of Twilight and Vampire Academy.
I am wondering everyday if Vampires and Werewolves does exist in this world and are they as kind as Edward Cullen, protects and loves his Bella Swan forever?
Anyway, I believes that they are someone that any typical teenagers would love to fall in love with.
Haha^^ That's me.
A girl who have a hard time differentiating reality and stories:)
But isn't Fairytales involving immortals romantic? Hehe^^
By the way, i believe in miracles, forever and always.
Here's one of my favorite quote and i like to share it with you:
“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles”
So why not be happy and be the prettiest girl in the world:) *smiles*
And lastly, i always say:"WATCH ME, I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG" when someone looks down on me. Haha^^

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